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8 Steps Nonprofits Should Take Now to Survive the Pandemic Fallout

Apr 7 2020

Weeks into the coronavirus pandemic, the carnage in the nonprofit world continues to pile up. For many groups, the goal has shifted from preserving programs and staffing to just surviving, according to a recent survey of more than 400 nonprofit leaders.

Some fear the crisis will put them out of business, while at least one organization is effectively already there,... Read Article

Responding to COVID-19: Actionable Steps for Volunteer Managers

Apr 2 2020

Related to: Volunteer Management

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, communities are looking toward social service organizations for support. So how are Volunteer Managers keeping themselves and their volunteers safe while responding to the persisting needs of their communities? Here are actionable recommendations (plus additional resources) to help Volunteer Managers respond... Read Article

Volunteer Engagement Amid a Pandemic

Apr 2 2020

Related to: Volunteer Management

With the spread of COVID-19 across the world including North America (where most of our readers live and work), the recent declaration by the World Health Organization that the outbreak is a world pandemic, and mass cancellations and restrictions sweeping the globe, your organization is likely already experiencing disruptions to your normal way of doing... Read Article

Research: Winning Youthful Influencers, Financial Support

Apr 1 2020

Related to: Volunteer Management

Every generation of financial executives and fundraisers ponder the same question – how to get those young folks involved. In the same way that consumers want to be treated as individuals, it is more important than ever that nonprofits help younger Americans achieve their personal citizenship goals.

According to new research from ONE HUNDRED... Read Article

2020 Children's Book Drive

Feb 6 2020

Related to: Communications & Marketing, Related to: Fund Development

From February 18 to March 21, several Albuquerque businesses are accepting donations of new and gently used children’s books. Donations can be dropped off at all Albuquerque Applebee’s, BookWorks, La Montañita Co-op, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Public Libraries, The Canyon Club at Four Hills and Sandia Laboratory... Read Article

48% Of Young People Discover Nonprofits Via Social Media: Giving Tuesday Study

Jan 28 2020

Related to: Volunteer Management

New research from the YMCA finds that more than 62% of Americans 18-38 support at least one cause per month—and that they likely learned of that cause through social media.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in advance of Giving Tuesday, offers a new look at the way younger Americans interact with nonprofits they care about—and the reasons why... Read Article

UNM Evaluation Lab Offers Support in Getting Evaluation Under Control

Jan 23 2020

Related to: Evaluation

Evaluation can feel like a monster under the bed: scary and always lurking.

In five years of working with nonprofits at the Evaluation Lab, we have thought a lot about that evaluation monster, and how to transform it into a helpful workhorse.

We have found that an accurate logic model can really help organizations begin to get evaluation under... Read Article

A First-Hand Perspective About Students, Nonprofits And Volunteering

Jan 10 2020

Related to: Volunteer Management

My name is Austin Hong. I am 20 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif. I’m a rising junior at Boston College, studying finance and computer science, and I think I have some advice for you.

Since high school I’ve developed quite a resume of service activities. Between 2010 and now, I’ve had extensive involvement with nonprofit... Read Article

Nonprofits That Empower Leaders of Color are More apt to do Something about Racial Inequality

Dec 20 2019

Related to: Board Development, Related to: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The U.S. is becoming more racially diverse. Since 2010, 96% of all U.S. counties registered an increase in their percentage of nonwhite residents. Yet the people who lead nonprofits in the U.S. remain disproportionately white.

This mismatch can make it difficult for such... Read Article

Image of the Save the Date - July 27-31, 2020; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Save the Date for the Evaluation Lab Summer Institute!

Dec 12 2019

Related to: Evaluation

Save the Date for the 2020 Evaluation Summer Institute! The Evaluation Summer Institute is a 5-day intensive course covering all aspects of evaluation, hosted by the UNM Evaluation Lab, from July 27 - July 31, 2020, 9:00am to 5:00pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) in Albuquerque, NM. At the end of the Institute, attendees will have a plan of... Read Article


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