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Directory Updates

This Directory is a living database. Over time new grantmaker profiles are included, and profiles are updated with new areas of interest or programs. So please check back regularly.

We encourage you to contact us if you discover relevant changes in a foundation's application process or criteria; we also encourage grantmakers to inform us of changes. With your help and our annual update process, we can keep the information as current as possible. 

The content in each grantmaker profile is current as of the "Last updated..." date listed at the bottom of each profile in italics.


The purpose of the New Mexico Grantmakers Directory is to:

  • To create an inclusive comprehensive, New Mexico focused, centralized database that is maintained and periodically updated
  • To assist grantseekers to be more efficient in their research by providing a comprehensive list of grantmaker profiles they can choose to further pursue
  • To include grantmaking opportunities that are significant to NM nonprofits, which may be much smaller grant amounts than traditionally advertised grants in national directories
  • To provide the most accurate and concise grantmaker profiles and clearly share their missions and funding areas with grantseekers

We also welcome hearing how this Directory has been useful to you and your organization: Please contact us with any feedback about the Directory.

How To Use the Directory

The directory is meant to be searchable using different criteria so that nonprofits can find appropriate funding matches by program funding area, geographic focus, or other criteria. Once you find a grantmaker that seems like a good fit for your organization, we recommend that you also visit their website to learn about their funding processes and make sure they're a good fit for you.

As a general fundraising principle, we strongly discourage blanket proposals - proposals ot funders that are outside their criteria. Do not send proposals to grantmakers that do not accept unsolicited inquiries. Additional research prior to applying for a grant, and working towards developing a relationship with grantmakers will significantly help your funding prospects.

Search Fields

There are five search fields that can be used individually or in combination to search for grantmakers. We recommend starting with broader single field searches and then refining your search be ading additional fields. The more search criteria you add, the narrower the number of results you'll receive.

To do broader searches, do not select any option within a search field (ie: do not highlight a specific line).  Each field is set to default to all options to look for all entries in the field.  To clear all fields selected, click on the "Reset Form" button.

1. Keyword Search

Searchable by any word or combination of words. I.e.: You can search by the words “economic development” or “development.” A search for “economic development” will result in a shorter list of grant makers as it is a more specific search. The keyword search does not work with partial words. ie: It can search for the full word "collaboration" but cannot search for the partial word "collab." The keyword search is helpful for looking for specific language that is not included in the Program Funding Area Search field. I.e.: Examples of keyword searches might be words or combinations of words like: media, classroom, or neighborhood improvement.

2. Program Funding Area Search

The categories listed are based on the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Classification System (or NTEE Codes). For more information as to what specifically falls within each code, click on the above NTEE link. This classification system broadly defines areas of interest. For more specific information, the Grant Details of each Grantmaker Profile will need to be viewed.

3. Geographic Funding Focus Search

Includes "National" for grantmakers that provide national opportunities for which New Mexico nonprofits are eligible.  Include "Statewide" for grantmakers that fund organizations throughout New Mexico or only have a focus in several states, New Mexico being one. The field also lists specific New Mexico counties for those grantmakers who only fund in given counties. Do separate searches for "National," “Statewide” and specific counties as they will result in different lists of grantmakers. 

4. Populations Served Search

The Directory is searchable by unique populations.  If you do not work with a specific population it is best to not click on any option within this field.  When information was not available, the fields chosen for a grantmaker profile was N/A, other or left empty.

5. Accepts LOIs/Proposals

Can be searched by "Yes," "No" or "N/A" (Not Available). Again, we discourage approaching funders who state that they do not accept unsolicited proposals.

What's Included In the Directory

The Directory is comprised of individual Grantmaker Profiles. Each Grantmaker Profile provides grant details and organization contact information about an individual grantmaker. The following is a description of each field within each Grantmaker Profile.

Grant Details includes the following information if available:

  • Does the grantmaker accept LOIs/proposals?: Grantmakers who accept and do not accept  LOIs/Proposals are included in this Directory. Please do not send LOIs/Proposals to Grantmakers that answer "NO" in this field. LOI stands for Letter of Inquiry/Interest/Intent and is usually a 1-3 page summary of a funding request. 
  • Web Address and Link: Both the web address and a square picture web link of the grantmaker website are provided when available. Click on the webpage image to connect to the grantmaker website.
  • Average NM Grant Size: When available this field includes information directly provided from the grantmaker. Please see grantmaker 990s for complete information on grants funded in any given year. 990s can be accessed through
  • Program Funding Area: The categories listed are based on the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Classification System (or NTEE Codes). For more information as to what specifically falls within each code, click here (pdf). This classification system broadly defines areas of interest. 
  • Geographic Funding Focus: Includes grantmakers that fund at the national, statewide and local county levels.
  • Population Served: Includes "All Populations" or "N/A" for grantmakers that fund organizations who serve the general population and lists specific human populations if a grantmaker specifies populations they serve with their grantmaking.
  • Mission/Giving Statement: A brief description of the grantmaker's purpose.
  • Grantmaking Program Areas: These are the general names, using the grantmaker's language, for the type of programs the grantmaker funds.
  • Grantmaking Program Area Descriptions: These descriptions expand upon the above general names, using the grantmaker's language. This field can be very useful to identifying whether a nonprofit's programs align with the grantmaker's funding priorities. Grantmakers may provide more grantmaking areas other than listed, but they have been excluded either because NM nonprofits are ineligilbe or because the funding is not aimed at nonprofit organizations (ie: Scholarships).
  • Type of Funding/Funding Restrictions: This field describes any specific criteria a nonprofit organization needs to be eligible for funding. It also lists common types of requests that the grantmaker does not consider.
  • Application Instructions: Includes how to apply for funding unless the information is available online, in which case it says so. Check with funder before applying to make sure instructions are current.
  • Notes: Any additional information that may be of interest.
  • Best Method of Contact: This section lists how best to contact the grantmaker. Many grantmakers prefer email, phone calls or LOIs prior to receiving a full proposal.
  • Contact Information: Includes all contact information including primary contact within the grantmaker organization.

Fundraising Tips

Please see our Fundraising Resources page for more excellent resources to help you with your fundraising and grantwriting strategies. The resources below will help as you approach grantmakers.

Best Practices For Developing Relationships With Funders

How To Write Effective Grant Proposals

Examples of LOIs

The following Letters of Interests (LOIs) have been generously shared by ACCION - New Mexico - Arizona - Colorado and Special Olympics New Mexico.

This directory is made possible thanks to support from our sponsors

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