War Eagles Air Museum

Mailing Address: 8012 Airport Road, Santa Teresa, NM 88008
County of Location: Dona Ana
Phone: (575) 589-2000
NTEE Code: N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, B- Education, Z- Unknown
Mission Statement:

War Eagles Air Museum collects, restores and displays, with appropriate interpretive signage, historical American and foreign aircraft, primarily of the World War II and Korean War periods, in order to educate the public about the roles these aircraft played in preserving the Nation's freedom.

Primary Programs:

- Collect, restore, maintain and display classic and historic aircraft.

- Collect, restore, maintain and display classic and historic automobiles.

- Display classic and historic documents, artifacts, photographs and other materials related to military and civilian aviation of the World War II and Korean War periods.

- Host guided Museum tours for school groups (provided free-of-charge through Corporate Youth Sponsorships).

- Conduct oral history interviews of military aviation veterans.

- Publish quarterly newsletter featuring original aviation history content.

- Maintain extensive library of aviation-related books, periodicals and video materials for use on request by students and researchers.

- Provide expertise on aircraft, aviation history and other related topics as needed to support local requests for information.

- Support other activities to preserve and maintain America's aviation heritage.

Populations Served: All Populations
Counties Served: Statewide
Year Founded:


Annual Budget: $24,999 or less
Personnel: 1 to 5 FTE
Executive Director:

Skip Trammell

Accepts inquiries: Accepts inquiries about volunteering, Accepts inquiries about board member positions
Nonprofit Status: Has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS

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