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No cost help for Nonprofits

Mar 22 2010

Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is a proud partner in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Here’s how it works:

Goodwill identifies older workers who meet specific criteria (such as age and income requirements), and then assesses their skills and abilities.

Goodwill matches an older worker with nonprofit organizations or public agencies that can... Read Article

Census 2010: Stand Up and Be Counted, Urge Others to Do the Same

Mar 9 2010

April 1st is National Census Day.

By the middle of this month, census forms will be showing up in mailboxes throughout the country giving individuals the opportunity to be counted. Nonprofits have a stake in making sure every person completes and sends in the Census form. Nearly $377 billion dollars are allocated based on census numbers. This federal funding goes to programs such... Read Article

2010 Red Cross Real Heroes Award Nominations

Mar 3 2010

Mid-Rio Grande Chapter of New Mexico
2010 Red Cross Real Heroes
Deadline for Nominations: March 10, 2010

The American Red Cross Real Hero is prepared, trained, alert and committed to family, community and neighbors.

Sometimes they are in the right place at the right time and well prepared to save a victim or an emergency. ... Read Article

Summit to End Child Homelessness - March 25-26, 2010

Mar 2 2010

The people in the United States have a big heart. We are known for coming to the aid of other countries, especially when it concerns children. The earthquake in Haiti left 1.3 million children homeless. Our hearts went out to the children and a tremendous relief effort was launched by the United States. But did you know that there is another country facing a major crisis regarding... Read Article

Team Named to Submit Social Innovation Fund Proposal

Feb 26 2010

Lt. Governor Diane Denish announced three designate today, to lead a team to generate a proposal for the Social Innovation Fund.  Claire Dudley (New Mexico Children's Cabinet), Robin Brule (Office of Philanthropic Outreach) and Greg Webb (New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism) will serve as co-leaders of the state's plan to develop the New Mexico proposal to apply for... Read Article

2009 Governor’s Volunteer Awards

Feb 26 2010

It is once again time to nominate your colleagues for the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Governor’s Volunteer Award as well as many other awards. Each year we go through a rigorous agenda choosing individuals who represent the best of New Mexico.
Individuals and groups throughout New Mexico deserve to be recognized for outstanding service. For this reason, various service... Read Article

$5000 PNM Grant Available for Energy Efficiency

Feb 19 2010

Would your nonprofit like to have additional resources available to support your mission? We’d like to help! The PNM Fund is offering a grant to support your organization, help you and your clients save money and reduce your impact on the environment! Reduce Your Use Grants will help nonprofits stretch their budgets through energy savings. Implementing energy efficiency measures... Read Article

New Mexico Youth Invited to Learn Leadership Skills

Feb 19 2010

Middle and high school aged youth from across the state are invited to Albuquerque for the first ever statewide Youth Leadership and Advocacy Conference. The youths, ages 12-18, will hear from MTV celebrity and internationally renowned youth motivational speaker, Jeff Yalden.

The conference, which is February 26-28 at the Albuquerque Marriot, is hosted by New Mexico Voices for... Read Article

NM Children's Foundation Grant guidelines for 2010-2011

Feb 18 2010

Who We Are
The New Mexico Children’s Foundation is a grant-making body with the mission of supporting programs and projects that serve the physical, mental, educational and social needs of children and their families. We provide donors with the opportunity to support the total needs of children. The Foundation strives to provide services all over the state of New Mexico... Read Article

Volunteer Your Nonprofit and Receive Publicity on KUNM During Pledge Drive

Feb 16 2010

KUNM Needs to Raise $175,000 in the Spring!
Be part of the excitement .sign up for a phone shift now!
Saturday, March 20 - Friday, March 26, 2010!

Your group gets mentioned on-air several times during your shift.(Great publicity!) AND you get the satisfaction of helping KUNM!

· Your group members get to have fun together (and get CDs and other... Read Article


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