What are your questons for Rep. Martin Heinrich (D-NM)?

Dear Advocates, Organizers, and Activists:

I'm writing to you on behalf of my client, Capitol News Connection (CNC), which is a nonprofit and nonpartisan news agency that covers the U.S. Congress. (You can find addional information about it here: .)

CNC recently started an interactive "Ask Your Lawmaker" podcast. Each week there's a different U.S. senator or house member as a guest, and he or she is expected to answer questions from community members, activists, or anyone else outside the Beltway who has a concern. Thus far, the focus has been on jobs and the economy. (You can find more information about the interactive podcast here: http://capitolnewsconnection.org/interactivepodcast/all.

Next week, the guest will be Representative Martin Heinrich of New Mexico. The general themes of the podcast are jobs, the economy, health care, and rural policy, but we would like to invite nonprofit advocacy groups from his home state to submit questions on any of their their signature issues.

The value of advocacy groups to the "Ask Your Lawmaker" initiative is that they can offer pointed, well-researched policy questions, so it's highly desirable to get them into the mix along with private citizens.

The value for the advocacy groups in participation is that it gives them an opportunity to deploy experienced, credentialed congressional journalists to ask their specific questions and publicize the responses. (At no cost to the advocacy groups, of course.)

The deadline for submitting questions that can be included in the next interactive podcast is Tuesday, January 19th, 5:00 pm eastern time. To ask your question, just go to http://www.capitolnewsconnection.org/node/add/ip-question/13601 .

If you miss the January 19th deadline, we can still pursue a response to your question and post it publicly on the web for you. Questions to any member of the U.S. Congress on any topic may be submitted on any day of the year by going to http://www.capitolnewsconnection.org/node/add/question .

Many thanks and best regards from Deborah

Contact information for "Ask Your Lawmaker:"

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