Volunteer Engagement Amid a Pandemic

With the spread of COVID-19 across the world including North America (where most of our readers live and work), the recent declaration by the World Health Organization that the outbreak is a world pandemic, and mass cancellations and restrictions sweeping the globe, your organization is likely already experiencing disruptions to your normal way of doing business and will, undoubtedly, experience far more in the weeks to come.

For some organizations, this may mean a drop in services, events, or attendance (e.g., museums or theaters or sports organizations may have fewer or smaller programs), while many – especially in the human services arena – will likely see an increased demand for services (e.g., senior companion services, food pantries, and government agencies). Regardless, the volunteers who are already engaged with your organization remain a vital resource as you navigate these unusual circumstances and, as such, deserve some thoughtful strategizing around how to leverage their skills while also protecting them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We would like to offer these considerations, provide resources to explore, and invite you to weigh in and share your best practices with each other as well. This list is not exhaustive but rather is designed the move our conversations forward.

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