CNPE Receives President’s Award at National Philanthropy Day

At National Philanthropy Day on November 18, 2009, Pamela Chavez, Board President, Association of Fundraising Professionals – New Mexico, presented the President’s Award to the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. 

“The recipient of our next award is very near and dear to my heart. The President’s Award is not given every year, awarded only when an organization or individual has shown an extraordinary impact in multiple and diverse areas”.
Ms. Chavez stated that since their inception, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence has shown a commitment to serve the profession of fundraising and the spirit of philanthropy through capacity building workshops, the availability of diverse resources, and the hands on support of nonprofits, their staff and volunteers. 
“Through enlightened leadership, they have built a sustainable corps of supporters and advisors who will ensure this resource impacts us all for generations. Amy Duggan’s leadership elevates the spirit of philanthropy exemplified by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence”.
In accepting the President’s Award, Amy S. Duggan, Director, acknowledged and thanked the five visionary women who founded the Center: Pamela Chavez, LaDonna Hopkins, Diane Harrison Ogawa, Jean Block, and Laura Bass. She highlighted the personal commitment of the staff – Tsiporah Nephesh, Margaret Ambler Salamon, and Deanna Martinez, Advisory Board, volunteer trainers and funders that make the Center possible.
She stated that "we know that running a nonprofit organization requires one to have skills and knowledge in many diverse areas and by accessing the Center’s programs and services, Executive Directors and others have honed their skills in financial management, board development, and leadership."
In closing Ms. Duggan said “The work that we do at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence is driven by our heartfelt appreciation of nonprofits in New Mexico and for the myriad of ways that each of them strengthens our communities. If we can play a small role in supporting them to build their capacity to more effectively serve their clients then we are happy to do so”.
Deborah Hoffman, Executive Director, New Mexico/El Paso Chapter, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, shared her appreciation of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence and said “I want to offer my sincere congratulations for the CNPE award. Your group's professionalism, energy and warmth have helped Albuquerque become a better, more livable community. Thank you for everything you do.”


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