Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development

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Arts, Culture & Humanities
Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, Social Justice
Community Improvement & Capacity Building
Public Societal Benefit
Food, Agriculture, Nutrition
Religion, Spiritual Development
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Children & Youth
Native American
Women & Girls
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Mission/Giving Statement:  The Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples throughout the Americas.  The Fund focuses on supporting grassroots development through Native community empowerment and action.

Grantmaking Program Areas:  Arts and Cultural Expression; Environmental Health & Justice; Human Rights; Intergenerational Leadership; Sustainable Communities; Women’s Leadership

Grantmaking Program Area Descriptions:  

Arts and Cultural Expression: Provides support to cultural arts organizations. The Fund encourages holistic community health and cultural renewal efforts by using traditional and contemporary art forms to express cultural diversity.

Environmental Health & Justice: Provides small grants and technical assistance to Indigenous peoples involved in frontline grassroots action, advocacy for environmental and social justice and community organizing.

Human Rights:  Supports the creation and continuation of strategic alliances between Indigenous Peoples to empower them to participate in all forms and levels of human rights advocacy.

Intergenerational Leadership Initiative:  Supports Native youth, elders and cultural leaders engaged in community organizing work for cultural health, environmental justice and social equity. The Fund promotes training in leadership and pride in cultural heritage for generations yet to come.

Sustainable Communities:  Provides seed money, organizational support and technical training to Native grassroots community-based projects striving for holistic community health and renewal.  The Fund supports traditional agricultural methods, renewable forms of energy and sustainable strategies for development that preserve or restore traditional life-ways for future generations.

Women’s Leadership: Advocates and protects the sacred role of women as leaders in Native communities.

Type of Funding/Funding Restrictions: Seventh Generation Fund does not fund Non-Indigenous organizations.  Funds can be used to assist with establishing a grassroots Native organization, covering general operating costs, helping a Native community-based organization accomplish its work, for organizational capacity building or group participation in regional or national workshops, forums or special conferences.  There are a list of program criteria an applicant must meet, listed online.  These criteria include but are not limited to: Leadership authority and decision-making activities are clearly vested in the people impacted by the project; Project promotes and enhances the language, culture, traditional institutions, values and way of life of its constituents, Etc.

Mini Grants - $50-$500.  1-2 page LOI may be submitted at any time during the year.

Application Instructions:  Review their How to Apply for a Grant page which desribes their specific criteria, certifications, including specific mailing instructions.  Describe in your proposal how your goals and objectives align with our criteria and how your project will accomplish these goals within your community.

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