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Mission/Giving Statement: To work with purpose and passion on behalf of wildlife and habitats worldwide, encouraging sustainable solutions through support of species research, animal rescue and rehabilitation and conservation education.

Grantmaking Program Areas: Habitat Protection; Animal Rescure & Rehabilitation; Conservation Education; Species Research- Terrestrial/Aquatic; Animal Crisis Grants

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Habitat Protection: To save a species ultimately means saving its home- the place in which it seeks shelter, forages, breeds and raises young. For some animals, a habitat might be a one-acre tract while for others, a massive, multi-national expanse. Protecting and preserving these special places is a difficult yet critical conservation challenge and a key focus for the Fund.

Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation: In addition to natural events and catastrophes, everyday human activity can pose serious threats to wildlife. From oil spills and boat strikes to habitat loss and entanglement with potentially fatal debris, animals in crisis are sadly common worldwide. The Fund helps respond to such crisis situations.

Conservation Education: Perhaps the most enduring and effective conservation investment in education. With the power to transform information into insight and awareness into action, conservation education is a cornerstone of the Fund. People of all ages, backgrounds and resources, once engaged, can overcome tremendous odds, reverse trends and help secure a sustainable future for wildlife.

Species Research- Terrestrial/Aquatic: Science-based species research equips wildlife conservationists, citizens, policy-makers and other stakeholders with an expanded knowledge of animals and their environment. Research findings can be applied to help resolve human-animal conflict and lead to sustainable conservation solutions- a critical goal of the Fund.

Animal Crisis Grants: The Fund reserves up to $100,000 each year for such grants. Considerations and parameters placed on such grants include: Crisis situations may be chronic (long-term and ongoing) or acute (caused by extreme event, human or natural). Most chronic situations will be directed towards the regular annual grant-making cycle.The grantee must either be a known/trusted partner or pass sufficient background checks and research. Local support/infrastructure to continue conservation efforts should exist;Whether the species affected is endangered or numerous, the severity of the event/crisis will be considered.

Type of Funding/Funding Restrictions: We accept applications from non-profits in and outside the U.S., governmental entities, accredited universities and research centers and AZA- or AMMPA-accredited institutions. Animal Crisis Grants: Applicants are encouraged to identify opportunities above and beyond financial support, including animal care/veterinary expertise and education/awareness support.

Application Instructions: Grant application instructions are available online. 

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