First Nations Development Institute

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Community Improvement & Capacity Building
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Native American
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 Mission/Giving Statement: Is to strengthen American Indian economies to support healthy Native communities. We invest in and create innovative institutions and models that strengthen asset control and support economic development for American Indian people and their communities.

Grantmaking Program Areas:  Financial & Investor Education; Combating Predatory Lending; Native American Business & Asset Development; Strengthening Native American Nonprofits; Native Foods & Health

Grantmaking Program Area Descriptions:

Financial & Investor: Work in partnership with Native American tribes and communities throughout the U.S. to assist them in designing and administering financial and investor education programs. Our projects range from helping individuals and families understand the basics of financial management – opening and maintaining a bank account and using credit wisely – to helping individuals understand financial markets and a variety of financial instruments for borrowing and saving.

Combating Predatory Lending: For Native Americans, the impact of predatory lending is devastating because it destroys the potential for asset building that is needed to bring economic security to Indian families and communities. First Nations Development Institute’s research has demonstrated that predatory lending is stripping money from low-income tribal citizens, especially those who are unbanked or underbanked. Our studies on predatory lending in Indian Country include best practices to combat abusive lending and prevent the bleeding of assets from Native communities

Native American Business & Asset Development: To create systemic economic change, First Nations Development Institute works with Native American communities in reclaiming direct control of their assets. Working directly with grassroots community partners, individuals and tribes, First Nations Development Institute supports and provides Native asset development strategies and models to help communities understand, create and control the way in which Native assets are valued, as well as the decision making process in deciding whether to monetize those assets.

Strengthening Native Nonprofits: Through grant support, technical assistance and training, First Nations Development Institute provides Native communities with the tools and resources necessary to create new community-based nonprofit organizations and to strengthen the capacity of existing nonprofits. For more than 30 years, First Nations has supported hundreds of model projects that revitalize Native communities, while integrating social empowerment and economic strategies.

Native Foods & Health: First Nations also undertakes research projects that build the knowledge and understanding of Native agriculture and food systems issues, and inform Native communities about innovative ideas and best practices. We also participate in policy forums that help develop legislative and regulatory initiatives within this sector. First Nations supports a regional and national network of Native food sector and related organizations.  

Type of Funding/Funding Restrictions:  To qualify for funding, all projects must be located on, or linked through the provision of a service or product to, a reservation or rural Native community.

Application Instructions:   LOI instructions online.  Sign up for grantmaking email list online.


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Marsha Whiting
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Senior Program Officer
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