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Mission/Giving Statement: Application Instructions: Building bridges between art and humanity for a better world. Christopher Foundation for the Arts (CFFTA) is guided by the desire to encourage the individual creative process through advocating  the extraordinary cultural and global benefits of artistic expresson. The creative process builds bridges between individuals and nations.

Grantmaking Program Areas: Museums; Communities; Schools

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Museums: Museums are a time capsule of progression and regression; they hold the very history of our global creative evolution as a human species. Museums help to establish a personal identity as an anthropological culture despite our similarities and differences. It is through the looking back we are able to find opportunities for growth and forward thinking. Museums stir the imagination, creating a greater understanding of yesterday, and igniting the possibilities for a better tomorrow. CFFTA believes in the possibility for a better tomorrow.

Communities: As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and whether a communities contributions are voluntary or involuntary it remains inevitable that environmental influences set the foundation for personal development, growth, and social perceptions. Research has shown, not only does a community directly affect the health of a child, community can also have a direct impact on a caregiver or guardians ability to effectively parent as well. Adult, child, or somewhere in between our environment has an unequivocal impact on how we live and what we will contribute to the world. The possibilities are endless, and our course of direction globally is not only dependent on the individual, but also a responsibility of the collective. We make the difference, and every day holds a new set of opportunities to be the change we want to see.

Schools: The significance of Art Education in schools cannot be undervalued and its catalytic qualities for positive influence underestimated. In the early years art has been described as the essential building blocks contributing to the framework of child development: motor skills, language, visual learning, imagination, decision making, and problem solving. Art education continues to be the stimulant for advancements in higher education through cultural awareness, improved academic performance, independent and collaborative strengths, analysis, evaluation skills enhancing test scores, social skills, temperament and ones overall view of the world.


Application Instructions: Submit a request for interview by  US mail. Projects should generally be related to the arts.

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