Experimental Aircraft Association - Chapter 555

Mailing Address: EAA Chapter 555, Fairacres, NM 88033
County of Location: Dona Ana
Phone: (575) 525-2007
NTEE Code: N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, B- Education
Mission Statement:

EAA - the Experimental Aircraft Association- is dedicated to serving all of aviation by fostering and encouraging individual participation, high standards and access to the world of flight in an environment that promotes freedom, safety, family and personal fulfillment.

Primary Programs:

EAA is an organization of people who enjoy flying and the broad spectrum of related activities it offers. It is an association whose focus includes virtually every aspect of aviation: designing, building, restoring, flying or enjoying the dynamic nature of flight. Membership is open to all who wish to participate.

Chapter meetings are held on the Saturday (9:00 am) before the third Sunday of the month. Meetings are held in the chapter hanger at the Las Cruces International airport. Local membership is $20/year and requires a membership in National EAA. Activities include monthly meetings with an informative program, a breakfast on the third Sunday of the month, fly-outs to airports in the region, and support of local aviation events. Guests are welcome at meetings.

Populations Served: All Populations
Counties Served: Statewide, National
Year Founded:


Annual Budget: $24,999 or less
Personnel: All Volunteer
Executive Director:

Wesley D. Baker

Accepts inquiries: Accepts inquiries about volunteering, Accepts inquiries about board member positions
Nonprofit Status: Has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS, Is registered as a Nonprofit Corporation with the State of New Mexico

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