CARES Relief Grants, Apply Dec 7- 18

During the November special session, legislators approved $100 million for CARES relief grants for small businesses and nonprofits. The grants will be awarded in three rounds.

You are encouraged to apply early. Assemble all the required documents in electronic format (PDF or JPG). The application platform will not allow you to save your work and complete later. If your application is not accepted in the first round, it will be carried forward into the next round.

All communication will be via email. Watch for communication from or Decisions will be made after the close of each round; notification will follow by email.


- Small businesses and nonprofits with 0 – 100 employees (count part-time employees, but not contractors).
- 501(c)(3), 501(c)(6), 501(c)(8), and charitable organizations serving veterans and armed forces personnel.
- Complete application: incomplete applications will be considered the lowest priority.

Documents & Information Required
- Valid NM driver's license of authorized representative.
- Statement of Revenues and Expenses, April 1 – November 30, 2020.
- EIN.
- 2019 990, or 990 EZ, or 990 N.
- Copy of quarterly wage report submitted to Workforce Solutions (reports from 3/31/2019 through 9/30/2020 will be accepted).
- Bank account information, included a copy of a voided check.

No receipts will be required, but you will be asked to categorize the kinds of expenses. Example: personal protective equipment, retrofitting to meet COVID-safe guidelines, additional expenses associate with working remotely. Visit the NM Finance Authority website for additional information on required documents:

Award Amount Calculation:
- The amount awarded will be based on the number of employees:
Number of Employees Award Amount
0 $2,000
1 - 5 $10,000
6 - 15 $15,000
16 - 25 $25,000
26 - 40 $30,000
41 - 60 $40,000
61 - 75 $45,000
75 - 100 $50,000

Eligible Expenses
- Regular business expenses that could not be paid without additional assistance because of the pandemic.
- Expenses incurred as a result of the pandemic: PPE or accommodations to meet COVID-safe practice guidelines.

For more information and the application:

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