Are you...

  • A nonprofit interested in providing an educationally enriching work experience while gaining valuable assistance to further your mission?
  • A student or individual of any age seeking to gain new skills and/or experience in a nonprofit organization?

Consider the following resources:

  1. Local University of Community College Internships & Service Learning Programs  (Internships are temporary, often volunteer, work place opportunities for educational credit and/or job experience.  Service learning is a form of education that integrates community service into the class curriculum).
    • Contact your local University or Community College Career Office to advertise your internship opportunity or to inquire about internship opportunities available in the community.
    • Check specific departments or schools within your local University or Community College for internship programs. Contact the departments that relate to your organization's mission or the particular internship role needed within your organization.  Often departmental staff will work with students to set up internships for college credit.  Advertise positions with department counselors and staff.
    • Check to see if your local University or Community College has any service learning programs.  Nonprofits can work with students (groups or individuals) while students earn college credit.
    • Check to see if your local University or Community College has off-campus Work Study options for nonprofits.  Often nonprofits can pay a percentage of the cost of a work study student and students gain valuable work experience in a nonprofit organization.
  2. AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA (AmeriCorps and VISTA are federally and state funded programs for domestic community service).
    • To learn more about hosting an AmeriCorps member, applying for an AmeriCorps grant, or becoming an AmeriCorps member, contact the New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism at (505) 841-4841 or visit their website at
    • To learn more about hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA or becoming a VISTA, contact the Corporation for National Service's New Mexico Office at (505) 988-6577 or visit the national website at
  3. (Is an international nonprofit that lists nonprofits, job opportunities and internships by country, state and city).


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