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Mission/ Giving Statements: The Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. Pew applies a rigorous, analytical approach to improve public policy, inform the public and stimulate civic life. It partners with a diverse range of donors, public and private organizations and concerned citizens who share its commitment to fact-based solutions and goal-driven investments to improve society.

Grantmaking Program Areas: Conservation of Living Marine Resources; Global Warming & Climate Change; Old-Growth Forests & Wilderness Protection; Public Health & Human Services Policy; Family Financial Security; Science & Technology; State Policy Projects (Early Education, Partnership for America's Economic Success, Public Safety Performance Project, Make Voting Work).

Grantmaking Program Area Descriptions:

Conservation of Living Marine Resources: Pew's work is aimed at preserving the biological integrity of marine ecosystems. It focuses primarily on efforts to Curb overfishing; Reduce bycatch; Prevent the destruction of marine habitat in the Unites States and elsewhere in the world's oceans; and Educate the public, policy makers and the media about the problems affecting both the national and global marine environments.

Global Warming & Climate Change: Pew is working to create a policy environment that leads to the adoption of mandatory federal limits on emissions that contribute to global warming. Its efforts are focused on: Educating policy makers and the public about the causes, consequences and solutions to the problem of climate change; Informing and mobilizing opinion leaders and key constituencies about the urgency of the problem and the need for action; Promoting policy options that will achieve real emissions reductions throughout the economy; and Advancing a new global climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. 

Old-Growth Forests & Wilderness Protection: Pew has been involved in public education and advocacy efforts to mobilize support for improved management of and strict protection for old-growth forests and wilderness areas on public lands in North America. Most of the large campaigns in which it is engaged are coordinated by Pew staff, but involve multiple organizations that share common goals and are committed to working collaboratively to accomplish objectives that no single organization can achieve on its own.

Public Health & Human Services Policy: Examples of Pew's work in this arena are foster care reform; a project to eliminate conflicts of interest in the marketing of drugs and medical devices, while promoting sound and cost-effective health care; and a food safety project.

Family Financial Security: Examples of the work being done by Pew in this area are initiatives on retirement security, student debt, and subprime mortgages.

Science & Technology: Examples of the work done by Pew in this area are an initiative on nanotechnology, a project to ensure full and effective oversight of genetics testing and support of cutting-edge biomedical research.

See website for additional Grantmaking Program Area descriptions.

Type of Funding/ Funding Restrictions: The Foundation's work is highly focused. Each program identifies and pursues a specific set of goals. Please be aware that the grant application process is highly competitive—compared to the number of proposals received, very few are funded. Pew will not consider requests for Clinical or basic biomedical research; Cultural exchanges; Disease-specific projects; Individual school districts, Preschools or childcare centers; or Museum or library acquisitions. List of additional restrictions online.

Application Instructions: LOI instructions available online. 

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