Ford Foundation

Program Funding Area: 
Arts, Culture & Humanities
Human Services
Health Care
Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, Social Justice
Community Improvement & Capacity Building
Public Societal Benefit
Religion, Spiritual Development
Housing, Shelter
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Populations Served: 
All Populations
Low Income
Children & Youth
Native American
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
Women & Girls
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Mission/ Giving Statement: The Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organizations on the fronlines of social change worldwide. Our goals for more than half a century have been to: Strengthen democratic values; Reduce poverty and injustice; Promote international cooperation; and Advance human achievement.

Grantmaking Program Areas: Democratic and Accountable Government; Economic Fairness; Educational Opportunity and Scholarship; Freedom of Expression; Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice; Human Rights; Metroplitan Opportunity; Sustainable Development 

Grantmaking Program Area Descriptions:

Democratic and Accountable Government: Increasing Civic and Political Participation; Strengthening Civil Society; Promoting Electoral Reform and Democratic Participation; Promoting Transparent, Effective and Accountable Government

Economic Fairness: Ensuring Good Jobs and Access to Services; Promoting the Next-Generation Workforce Strategies; Building Economic Security Over a Lifetime; Improving Access to Financial Services; Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Families

Human Rights: Advancing Racial Justice and Minority Rights; Protecting Women's Rights; Protecting Immigrant and Migrant Rights; Reforming Civil and Criminal Justice Systems; Reducing HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Exclusion; Strengthening Human Rights Worldwide; Advancing Economic and Social Rights

Educational Opportunity and Scholarship: Transforming Secondary Education; More and Better Learning Time; Higher Education for Social Justice

Freedom of Expression: Supporting Diverse Arts Spaces; Advancing Public Service Media; Advancing Media Rights and Access; Religion in the Public Sphere; JustFilms

Gender, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice: Supporting Sexuality Research; Promoting Reproductive Rights and the Right to Sexual Health; Youth Sexuality, Reproductive Health, and Rights; Reducing HIV/AIDS Discrimination and Exclusion; Protecting Women's Rights; Advancing LGBT Rights

Human Rights: Advancing Racial Justice and Minority Rights; Protecting Immigrant and Migrant Rights; Reforming Civil and Criminal Justice Systems; Reforming Global Financial Governance; Strengthering Human Rights Worldwide

Metropolitan Opportunity: Expanding Access to Quality Housing; Promoting Metropolitan Land Use Innovation; Connecting People to Opportunity

Sustainable Development: Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources; Climate Change Responses That Strengthen Rural Communities

Type of Funding/ Funding Restrictions: The Foundation does not award undergraduate scholarships or make grants for personal needs or business assistance. Other areas frequently inquired about, but not funded, include: Health care; Vehicle purchase; Student loan repayment; Scientific inventions; After-school programs; Athletic leagues; Orphanages; or Elder care.

Application Instructions: Application  instructions available online.

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320 East 43rd Street
New York
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(212) 573-5000
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