Broadband Collective

The New Mexico Broadband Collective consists of funders and nonprofit organizations committed to ensuring access to the Internet in “hard to connect communities” in the state of New Mexico. It is well established that COVID 19 disproportionately affected BIPOC, Native and rural communities in New Mexico.  Broadband is essential for healthcare, education and employment. The New Mexico Broadband Collective is comprised of cross sector representation, including foundations, nonprofit organizations, government, business and community leaders. The Collective steering committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Kimball Sekaquaptewa, Co-chair
  • Alvin Warren, Co-Chair, LANL Foundation
  • Barrett Brewer, Grant County Community Foundation
  • Annmarie McLaughlin, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • JoAnn Melchor, New Mexico Foundation
  • Amanda Montoya, Chamiza Foundation
  • Allan Oliver, Thornburg Foundation
  • Joohee Rand, Anchorum St. Vincent Foundation
  • Juaquin Moya, Albuquerque Community Foundation
  • Terra Winters, Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico 

Backbone Support for the Collective is provided by Groundworks New Mexico. 

Purpose Statement: The New Mexico (NM) Broadband Initiative is made up of a diverse group of funders and nonprofits throughout New Mexico that believe it is necessary to have a statewide approach to ensuring broadband services for all New Mexicans, especially in our most rural communities, native communities, and communities impacted by the lack of broadband connectivity - to promote coordination of funding, resources, collaborative conversations, legislative efforts, and to amplify our statewide partnership efforts. 

There are over 70 individuals convening and working on specific tasks to ensure we accomplish the Collective’s Purpose.  Below is the list of Working Groups:

Opportunity Coordination Group.  The Coordination Work group works closely with the state of New Mexico.  It ensures that funding opportunities are directed to the entities and people intended; it serves as a coordinating group to ensure New Mexico does not lose a funding opportunity.  The Coordinating group engages in research, identifies and screens federal funding opportunities for New Mexico.

Supporting Regional Projects Work Group. Recognizing that there are many efforts and projects across the state of New Mexico working on broadband-related issues, this group identifies programs in “hard to connect” communities that could be supported by philanthropic funds.

Advocacy Work Group.   Advocacy Work Group compiles, reviews and analyzes proposed and adopted legislation at the federal and state level. 

If you are interested in joining a Work Group mentioned above, please contact: [email protected].

The New Mexico Broadband Collective coordinates two funds:

New Mexico Broadband Equity Fund.  This fund is housed at the New Mexico Foundation and provides philanthropic support for projects aligned with providing access to broadband in “hard to connect communities” in New Mexico.  With special attention to Native, immigrant and rural populations, this fund supports projects that are not funded by state or federal funds. The fund works in conjunction with the NM Broadband Collective. For more information regarding this fund, please contact JoAnn Melchor, at [email protected] or Danielle LaJoie, at [email protected].

NM Broadband Grantwriting and Technical Assistance Fund. This fund is housed at Groundworks New Mexico and intended to enhance New Mexico’s capacity to apply for state and federal funds. The purpose of this fund is to provide support for grant writer training and other technical assistance in applying for federal broadband funds. It will also support assistance with expert providers who can assist nonprofits with completing federal applications for federal funds. For more information regarding this fund, please contact Danielle LaJoie, at [email protected].

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